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World Famous Idaho Hot Springs!

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Bubbling out of natural underground springs, the hot water is laden with minerals, but has no sulfur and therefore no bad odor. Over 2.5 million gallons a day course through the hot springs and are diverted into the Portneuf River keeping the springs ever changing and clean. The spring's temperatures range from approximately 102˚ to 112˚ degrees.

New Lava Hot Springs Hot Pool

Try Our Newest 'Cooler' 102° Hot Pool!

This 20,000 gallon stone-lined pool with water that is a little bit cooler than the larger main pools. The new hot pool has a snow melt system in the deck around it, a cold water deck shower and canopies to block the sun or rain. All in all, a wonderful addition to the already world class waters found here.


  • Open 363 Days A Year! Hot Pools Hours and Rates
  • Pure all natural Mineral Water
  • No chemicals, no sulfur, no odor
  • Natural water temperature 102F -110F
  • Four outdoor gravel bottom pools
  • Warning - Use of the hot pools by children under two (2) years of age is not recommended. Water above 100 degrees may be harmful to infants. Consult your physician.
  • We are a nonsmoking facility.
  • See our Sunken Gardens.
  • Lava Hot Springs Massage Studio - Enjoy a soothing massage at our Hot Springs facility. Licensed Massage Therapists. Call 208-776-5480.
The Hot Springs are located at 430 East Main Street.

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