Hot Pools Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are your prices for the Hot Pools?
A: Go to  You can also download and print the prices for your convenience. There are price sheets for each facility. Wednesdays are Family Day for parents and dependent children under 18 years of age (up to 10 total in a family group). This rule also applies to the Season Family Pass in the summer.  All Prices listed are for PER DAY USE.

Q: How does the Combination Passes work for both Hot Pools and Swimming Pools

A: As of May 1, 2020 Combination passes will be a one time visit to the Hot Pools and an all day pass at the swimming pools. When you purchase a combination pass you will be given a token to be redeemed at the other facility for that day.  If you need to leave the swimming pool temporarily, you can still get a re-entry stamp at the front office. Suggestion: If you want to end your day at the Hot Pools start at the swimming pool first. Purchase your ticket where you want to go in first.

Q: Can I purchase tickets in advance?

A: Advance tickets can be purchased through our website be sure to click on the facility you want to purchase passes for, you will have a sale ID# on your receipt.  Present the sale ID# at the time of your visit to the cashier at the location you purchased the passes for either print the receipt or from your electronic device. 

Q: Do you have group rates?
A: Yes, Monday - Thursday only (excluding holidays).  Click on Group pricing page.  We prefer you contact the administrative office if you plan to take advantage of the group rate so we can let our cashiers know to when to expect your group. Groups must pay in 1 lump sum in order to receive group rate and your entire group must be here at time of entry or have a printed sheet with all the names and ages of who you are paying for so they can check-in with the cashier upon arrival. 

Q: Can I pre-pay for my entire group or family?
A: Yes, You can pre-purchase tickets online for your group or family reunion.  You will be given a sale ID to be used at the time of arrival to enter the facility.  If you pre-purchase passes and have some left over, you have 1 year from date of purchase to use them.  If you choose to buy tickets the day of play you can provide the cashier with a printed sheet with all the names and ages of who you are paying for so they can check-in withe the cashier upon arrival.  We do not offer refunds! NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Q: Do you offer Scout group rates?
A: We do not offer Scout group rates.

Q: Can a non-Swimmer come into the facility without paying?
A: No.  We do not offer a spectator rate.  Every person entering our facilities are required to pay the regular admission fees, no exceptions.

Q: If my child is potty trained do they need a swim diaper?
A: All children under the age of 3 must wear a swim diaper at all times when in the water, potty trained or not.  We DO include a complimentary swim diaper with the $2.00 admission fee for the children under 3.

Q: Can I bring food & drinks into the Hot Pools?
A: YES, We do allow outside food and drinks into our facilities.  For the safety of others, we DO NOT allow Glass, Alcohol, BBQ’s or cooking.  We have the right to check all coolers and bags that enter our facilities.  Patrons are not allowed to eat while sitting in the pools.

Q:  Can I come into the hot pools after having alcoholic beverages?
A: NO, for your safety and safety of others it is not safe to combine alcohol and hot water. For safety reasons the use of alcohol between entries is prohibited. No exceptions!

Q: What can I wear in the hot springs? 
A: We allow appropriate swim wear, non-street worn clothing such as s t-shirt (not white) and gym shorts.  We do not allow cheeksters, thongs or g-strings.  We are a family friendly facility and ask that all attire be appropriate or you can see the office to rent appropriate suit attire.  

Q:  Do you have Suits and Towels for Rent?
A: YES, We do have suits and towels available for rent.  Suits are $1.50 plus a $5.00 deposit and Towels are $1.50 plus a $5.00 refundable deposit.  Deposits are refundable when you return the items in the gift shop.

Q:  Do you have Lockers to lock up your personal items?
A:  YES, we have coin-operated lockers for your use and are $0.50 - $1.00 per use.  We are not responsible for items left, lost or stolen.

Q: Do you have lodging at your facility?
A: NO, we do not have lodging or camping on premises but most accommodations are in and around the City of Lava and have over 500 rooms, campsites, vacation homes, cabins, cottages etc. in Lava Hot Springs and are independently owned.  We operate the State owned Hot Pool and Swimming Pool facilities and reserve 4 parks for reunions/parties.  To see accommodations go to and click on Accommodations.

Q: Can I bring in Shade Tents, Tables & Chairs?
A: NO shade tents, are not allowed into the Hot Pools, Umbrellas can be held but we do not allow the ones you can stake into the lawn.  We DO allow you to bring in tables or chairs and we have a few lawn chairs and picnic tables at the hot pools and are first come first serve. We do not have pavilions in the Hot Pool area.

Q: Do you allow flotation devices?
A: YES, we do allow flotation devices for children in the hot pools, life jackets, arm bands or water rings up to 24”in diameter.  We do not allow large tubes, layout inflatable devices, water noodles, squirt guns or balls.

Q: Can I drop my kids off at the pool without adult supervision?
A: No, Children 11 years and younger must be accompanied by an adult at all times in our hot pools facility.

Q: What is the temperature of your hot pools?
A: The hot pools start at 112⁰ down to 102⁰. The temperatures are always the same because they are all natural mineral hot springs and we do not regulate the temperature or add anything to the water.  Over 2.5 million gallons of water flow through the hot pools in 24 hours.

Q: Do you close the hot pools due to inclement weather and can I get a refund?
A:  Rarely, do we close for inclement weather and refunds are NOT given due to inclement weather – Rain, thunder, lightning, and snow etc., no exceptions.  If the employees feel the lightening is too close and unsafe we may possibly ask everyone to get out of the pools until the lightening passes.  We are open every day of the year except Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

Q: Do you have parks that we can reserve for a family reunion or party?
A: Yes, We have 4 parks we reserve for family reunions etc. outside of our facility; you can find pictures on our website.  Those park names are: East, West, Majestic and Garden Park, all other parks in town are first come, first serve.  Our park rentals have pavilions, port a potties and volleyball nets for your use but do not supply the volleyball. There is not a volleyball net in the Garden Park.  Parks do not have power, water, fire or BBQ amenities; you are welcome to bring generators if needed.  These parks are not inside our pool facilities and are located in the City of Lava Hot Springs.  The cost to reserve a park is $75-$125 per day depending on the park.  We accept reservations online or Contact 208-776-5221 x1000 Monday through Friday for reservations.  The City of Lava offers reservations for the Buddy Campbell park, call City Hall at 208-776-5820.

Q: Can I rent a tube for the river from you?
A: No, The river tubes are not affiliated with our facility and tubes are not allowed in our facilities.  There are tube stands in town that you can rent tubes from to float the Portneuf River.  The river is a natural river that flows through Lava and is at your own risk.  Tube stands may have you sign a waiver of liability.

Q: Can I bring in my dog or any other pets?
A:  No, pets are not allowed inside our facilities except certified service dogs.  You can tie them to the outside of the fence while soaking but would need to provide shade and water for them.  No therapy, emotional support or companion animals allowed, no exceptions.

Q: Can I park my Semi-Truck in your parking lots?

A:  No, We have it posted that NO Semi-Trucks are allowed to park in our parking lots or on our streets adjacent to the pools.  There is no overnight parking allowed in the town of Lava Hot Springs for Trailers, Motor Homes or Semi Trucks.  You will be towed! 

Q: Do you have a cold pool at your Hot Pool facility?
A: We do not have a cold pool but we do have an outside cold shower spout near the coolest pool.

Q: Can pregnant women go into the Hot Pools?
A: Per our guidelines we do not recommend pregnant women to soak in the hot pools and suggest you speak with your physician before doing so.

Q: Can I take my 10 year old son into the women’s dressing rooms with me OR Can I take my 10 year old daughter into the men’s dressing rooms with me?  What are the age restrictions?
A: Boys, 4 years and older will use the family or men’s dressing rooms only. The Men’s dressing rooms have showers and restrooms.  Girls, age 4 years and older will use the family or women’s dressing rooms only.  The women dressing rooms have showers and restrooms.  We do have a unisex bathroom on site as well.  Guidelines only, special circumstances will occur.  Exceptions may be made for the handicap.

Q: Do you have massage therapy there?
A:  No, we no longer have a massage studio on site, you can find massage therapists by visiting 

Q: Can I smoke at your facilities?
A: No. We do not allow smoking or vaping on or near our swimming pools or hot pools, there are designated smoking areas outside both facilities.  We do not allow persons to go in and out of facility to smoke on the weekends. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Q:  Can we walk in and around town with alcoholic beverages in hand?
A:  NO, The City of Lava Hot Springs has an OPEN CONTAINER LAW in place.  If you are caught with alcohol walking down the streets or on the sidewalks, Bannock County Sheriff can and will give you a ticket. We have zero tolerance for alcohol entering our facilities and intoxicated patrons.

Q: Are you handicap accessible?
A: Yes all our pools and restrooms at both Hot Pools and Swimming Pools are handicap accessible, if you would like to borrow a wheelchair to use to put into the pools please ask the cashier.  If we have one available you are welcome to borrow it.

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