Frequently Asked Questions Olympic Swimming Complex and Indoor Aquatic Center

Q: What are your prices for the Swimming Pools?
A: Click on rates and hours from our menu.  You can also download and print the prices for your convenience.  We have separate prices for the Outdoor pool (summer) and Indoor pool (winter), there are price sheets for each facility.   Wednesdays are Family Day for parents and dependent children under 18 yrs. of age (up to 10 people total in a family group) SUMMER ONLY. This rule also applies to the Season Family Pass in the summer.  All Prices listed are for PER DAY USE.

Q: What do your prices include?
A: Our prices include everything at the facility, indoor and outdoor pool features, diving boards and platforms.  You must sign an Online Diving Tower Waiver for the platforms.  In the WINTER the Outdoor pool is closed, but the Indoor pool and Kiddie pool are Open.

Q: How does the Combination Passes work for both Hot Pools and Swimming Pools

A: As of May 1, 2020 Combination passes will be a one time visit to the Hot Pools and an all day pass at the swimming pools. When you purchase a combination pass you will be given a token to be redeemed at the other facility for that day.  If you need to leave the swimming pool temporarily, you can still get a re-entry stamp at the front office. Suggestion: If you want to end your day at the Hot Pools start at the swimming pool first. Purchase your ticket where you want to go in first.

Q: Do you have weekend passes?
A: All tickets are for single-day use. We do not offer multi-day passes.

Q: Can I purchase tickets in advance?
A: Advance tickets can be purchased through our website, be sure to click on the facility you want to purchase the passes for.  You will have a sale ID# on your receipt.  Present the sale ID# at the time of your visit to the cashier at the location you purchased the passes for either print the receipt or from your electronic device. 

Q: Can a non-Swimmer come into the facility without paying?
A: NO, Every person entering the Swimming Pools is required to pay the regular admission fees. We do not offer a spectator rate, no exceptions.

Q: If my child is potty trained, do they need a swim diaper?
A: All children under the age of 3 must wear a swim diaper at all times when in the water, potty trained or not.  We do include a complimentary swim diaper with the $2.00 admission fee for the children ages 2 & under.

Q: Can I bring food and drinks into the pool area?
A: Yes. We do allow outside food and drinks into our facilities. For the safety of you and others, we DO NOT allow glass, alcohol, BBQ grills or cooking.  We have the right to check all bags and coolers that enters our facilities.  We do not allow food or drinks on any of the concrete decks or in the pools at our facilities and ask you keep food and drinks on the grass.  In the winter, you may use the lobby area or reserve the party room.

Q: Can I bring in Shade Tents, Tables & Chairs?
A: Yes.  Since we do not provide shade tents, pavilions, tables, or chairs we DO allow patrons to bring in these items. Please do not use stakes to anchor down the tents to protect our sprinkler system, please use weights instead. We do not allow shade tents or big umbrellas at the Hot Pools.

Q: Do you allow flotation devices?
A: Yes.  We allow flotation devices for children in the shallow ends of the 25yd indoor pool and 50m outdoor pool. Please note that non-swimmers are not allowed in the deep end of the pool; therefore, anyone in a flotation device must remain in the shallow end.  Flotation devices must be less than 24" in diameter.  We do not allow large tubes or layout inflatable devices.  Life jackets and arm bands are allowed in the shallow ends and the kiddie pool. Flotation devices such as water noodles, baby floats, or water rings are not allowed in the kiddie pool. We do not allow flotation devices of any kind on curly and tube slides or in the deep end.

Q: What are your height requirements for waterslides?
A: You must be 42” tall to be able to ride the curly slides and 48” tall to ride the speed slides and must be able to go alone.  We have signs by the entry doors and at the bottom of the slides to measure children’s height.  We do not allow people to go down doubles or head first.  Children cannot wear flotation devices while using the slides and we have small slides in the outdoor pool and kiddie pool for the smaller children.

Q: How old do you have to be to jump off the platforms or diving boards?
A: We do not have an age restriction on diving board use, but anyone using the diving boards must be able to swim independently.  Parents are not allowed to catch non-swimmers from diving boards. To use the platforms, patrons must be at least seven (7) years old, visit the online form to sign a Online Diving Tower Waiver, for you and your dependents.  In order to be in the deep end, patrons must be able to swim on their own.  Our facility considers the ability to swim 15 yards unassisted as well as back float to be water competent.  If we are concerned that a person is unable to swim, he or she may be asked to pass a swim test in order to continue to be in the deep end or use the diving boards. Platform users must also be able to swim. Flotation devices, which support non-swimmers, are not allowed in the deep end, and therefore, cannot be worn while using the diving boards or platforms.

Q: Can I sign a online waiver for a child under the age of 18 for my friend or relative?
A: NO, Only the parent or court appointed guardian can sign the platform waiver.  Grandparents, group leaders, guardian for the day, or siblings cannot sign for the minor.  If you are 18 years of age you can sign a waiver for yourself online or in office.  Please use our Online Diving Tower Waiver

Q: If you close the pool due to inclement weather, can I get a refund?
A:  No, refunds are not given due to inclement weather – Rain, thunder, lightning, and snow etc., no exceptions.  Suggestion: You can purchase a combination pass for a one time visit to the Swimming Pools and Hot Pools.

Q: Can I drop my kids off at the pool without adult supervision?
A: Non-swimming children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  If a child is under the age of 12 but at least age 9 they must pass a swim test by a lifeguard of being able to swim 15 yards and tread water for 1 minute in the deep end.  Children under 9 must be accompanied by a supervising adult regardless of swimming ability.

Q: What is the temperature of your pools?
A: The outdoor pool is 87⁰ – 90⁰, Indoor pool is about 85⁰, kiddie pool is about 92⁰- 94⁰ and Natural mineral water Hot Tub is about 105⁰.

Q: Do you have Lockers to lock up your personal items?
A:  YES, we lockers are coin-operated for your use and are $0.50 - $0.75 per use.  We are not responsible for items left, lost or stolen.

Q: What can I wear in the swimming pool? 
A: We allow appropriate swim wear, non-street worn clothing such as s t-shirt (not white) and gym shorts.  We do not allow cheeksters, thongs or g-strings.  We are a family friendly facility and ask that all attire be appropriate or you can see the office to rent appropriate suit attire.  

Q: Do you have Suits and Towels for Rent?
A: YES, We do have suits and towels available for rent.  Suits are $1.50 plus a $5.00 deposit and Towels are $1.50 plus a $5.00 refundable deposit.  Deposits are refundable when you return the items.

Q: How deep is your pool for children?
A: The outdoor pool starts at 2” deep at the stairs and gradually gets deeper up to 17’ of water by the diving boards and platforms. The 25 yard indoor pool is 3.5’ to 12’ feet and the kiddie pool starts at zero depth to 18”.

Q: What is there to do for little kids?
A: The outdoor pool has shallow depth area, 2 kiddie slides and basketball hoops.  Children are welcome to bring diving toys, noodles etc. The indoor pool has a basketball hoop, rock climbing wall and diving board. The Kiddie pool has a water playground for the little ones to enjoy.

Q: What is the age limit for the Indoor Pool - Portneuf Kiddie Cove?
A: Kids 11 years of age & younger can play in the Kiddie area.  Supervising adults allowed and must remain within arm’s reach of children under age 6 at all times.

Q: I want to have a birthday party for my child. Can I do that at the pool?
A: Yes, We have a party room available for rent hourly. A refundable cleaning deposit is required.  If you wish to have a birthday party or other group event at a time beyond regular open swim hours, the pool can be rented; check out: *Reminder we do not allow glass into our facilities, this includes crock-pots, glass dishes etc.  

Q: Do you have group rates?
A: Yes, Monday - Thursday only (excluding holidays).  Click on Group pricing page.  We prefer you contact the administrative office if you plan to take advantage of the group rate so we can let our cashiers know to when to expect your group. Groups must pay in 1 lump sum in order to receive group rate and your entire group must be here at time of entry or have a printed sheet with all the names and ages of who you are paying for so they can check-in with the cashier upon arrival. 

Q: Can I pre-pay for my entire group or family?
A: Yes, You can pre-purchase tickets online for your group or family reunion.  You will be given a sale ID to be used at the time of arrival to enter the facility.  If you pre-purchase passes and have some left over, you have 1 year from date of purchase to use them.  If you choose to buy tickets the day of play you can provide the cashier with a printed sheet with all the names and ages of who you are paying for so they can check-in withe the cashier upon arrival.  We do not offer refunds! NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Q: Do you offer Scout group rates?
A: We do not offer a special Scout rate.  We encourage Scouts to take advantage of Tuesdays' Activity Night rate of $3.50 per person (fall, winter, spring) or twilight rates (summer).  You do not need reservations.

Q: Can I rent a tube for the river from you?
A: No, The river tubes are not affiliated with our facility and are not allowed in our facility, there are tube stands in town that you can rent tubes from separately to float the Portneuf river.  The river is a natural river that flows through Lava and is at your own risk.  Tube stands may have you sign a waiver of liability.

Q: Can I bring in my dog or other pets? A:  No, pets are not allowed inside our facilities except service dogs.  If you plan to leave your dog tied to the fence outside the facility, you should provide shade and water for them.  No therapy, emotional support or companion animals allowed, no exceptions.

Q: Do you have parks that we can reserve for a family reunion or party?
A: Yes.  We have four parks we reserve for family reunions etc. outside of our pool facilities.  You can find pictures on our website.  The park names are: East, West, Majestic, and Garden Park.  Other parks in town are first come, first served.  Our 4 park rentals provide a pavilion, port-a-potties and volleyball nets for your use, but we do not supply the volleyballs. The Garden park does not have a Volleyball net.  Parks do not have power, water, fire, or BBQ amenities and you are welcome to bring generators if needed.  These parks are located within the City of Lava Hot Springs.  The cost to reserve a park is $75-$125 per day depending on the park.  Reservations can be made online or contact 208-776-5221 Monday through Friday for reservations.  The City of Lava rents the Buddy Campbell Park contact City Hall for reservations 208-776-5820.

Q: Can I park my Semi-Truck or have overnight parking in your parking lots?
A:  No.  We have it posted that no Semi-Trucks are allowed to park in our parking lots or on our streets adjacent to the pools.  There is no overnight parking allowed in the City of Lava Hot Springs for trailers, motor homes, or semi trucks. You will be towed!  Sorry we do not have semi-truck day parking at this time.

Q: Do you have lodging at your facility?
A: No.  We do not have lodging or camping on our premises.  There are over 500 rooms, campsites, vacation homes, cabins etc. within the City of Lava Hot Springs and the surrounding areas.  These are independently owned.  We operate the State-owned hot pools and swimming pool facilities and reserve four parks for reunions or parties.  To see accommodations go to and click on lodging.

Q: Can I smoke at your facilities?
A: No.  We do not allow smoking or vaping on or near our swimming pools or hot pools, there are designated smoking areas outside both facilities.  

Q: Can we walk in and around town with alcoholic beverages in hand?
A:  No.  The City of Lava Hot Springs has an OPEN CONTAINER LAW in place.  If you are caught with alcohol walking down the streets or on the sidewalks, the Bannock County Sheriff’s can and will give you a ticket.  We have zero tolerance for alcohol entering our facilities and intoxicated patrons.

Q: Are you handicap accessible?
A: Yes all our pools and restrooms at both Hot Pools and Swimming Pools are handicap accessible.  We also have a handicap chair lift in the indoor 25 yd. pool.

Q. Can I fitness swim during open swim hours?
A: During open swim, we generally provide one lane designated for lap swimming.  During busy summer days, we may remove the lap lane to make room for open swim patrons. If you do not see the lap lane, and wish to use one, please ask. If we are able to put it in, we will.

Q. Can I use SCUBA equipment in the pool?
A: Not during open swim or morning lap swim hours. You may rent the pool for use with SCUBA equipment.                                                                                                                                   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Revised 3/9/2020
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