Lava Hot Springs Area History

For years people have gathered at the springs to bathe, rest and worship. Many people believe that there are curative properties associated with the hot mineral water and refer to the Springs as "the healing waters" It is rumored that long ago the Springs were neutral ground and shared in peace by all.

Once part of the original Fort Hall reservation, the springs and land were part of a treaty agreement between the Indians and the US Government in the late 1800's. The federal government purchased the springs and land, approximately 178 acres including the springs. 

A 1902 act granted the lands to the State of Idaho to be held by the State for public use. Later all rights to the operation, management, control, maintenance and improvement of the lands and property were vested in the Lava Hot Springs Foundation, an agency within the Idaho Department of Parks & Recreation.

The South Bannock County Historical Center Museum

110 E Main
Lava Hot Springs, ID 83246

Learn all about the history of Lava Hot Springs and the surrounding area. The 'Poha-Ba' exhibit tells of the Shoshone-Bannock people in Lava Hot Springs.

The 1962 Lava Flood

In 1962 and 1963, severe flooding damaged the foundation's swimming pools and hot baths. The Foundation rebuilt the new swimming pool and hot pools. See pictures of Lava's History below including photos of the flood.

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