Indoor Pool Holiday Hours

Due to COVID-19 we will be closing our facilities effective Friday, March 20, 2020 until further notice.

For more than 100 years the Lava Hot Springs Foundation has thrived on providing healthful, clean and inviting facilities to our patrons who support us.  This enduring value is driving us to do our part in aiding to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  The health of customers and employees is of utmost importance.    We will be closing our facilities effective Friday, March 20, 2020 until further notice.  We are wishing everyone well at this time and look forward to your visit in the near future.

Lava Hot Springs, Idaho
208-776-5221 or 800-423-8597

*Alcohol or Glass is not allowed into our facilities! 

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Regular Open Swim and Lap Swim hours for all dates not specifically listed. 


Fall Recess 2019

Friday, October 4, Noon-8:00pm

Saturday, October 5, Noon-8:00pm

Sunday, October 6, Noon-5:00pm

Friday, October 18, Noon-8:00pm

Saturday, October 19, Noon-8:00pm

Sunday, October 20, Noon-5:00pm


Thanksgiving Break 2019

Wednesday, November 27, Noon-5:00pm

Thursday, November 28, CLOSED (Thanksgiving Day)

Friday, November 29, Noon-8:00pm

Saturday, November 30, Noon-8:00pm

Sunday, December 1, Noon-5:00pm


Winter Break 2019-20

Tuesday, December 17, Splash Time 10:00am-Noon (kiddie pool & hot tub only) & Activity Night 5:00pm - 8:00pm (entire indoor facility)

Wednesday, December 18, Splash Time 10:00am-Noon (kiddie pool & hot tub only) 

Friday, December 20, Noon-8:00pm

Saturday, December 21, Noon-8:00pm

Sunday, December 22, Noon-5:00pm

Monday, December 23, Noon-8:00pm

Tuesday, December 24, Noon-5:00pm (Christmas Eve)

Wednesday, December 25, CLOSED (Christmas Day)

Thursday, December 26, Noon-8:00pm

Friday, December 27, Noon-8:00pm

Saturday, December 28, Noon-8:00pm

Sunday, December 29, Noon-5:00pm

Monday, December 30, Noon-8:00pm  

Tuesday, December 31, Noon-5:00pm (New Years Eve)

Wednesday, January 1, Noon-5:00pm (New Years Day)

Thursday, January 2, Noon-8:00pm 

Friday, January 3, Noon-8:00pm 

Saturday, January 4, Noon-8:00pm

Sunday, January 5, Noon-5:00pm 


Martin Luther King Jr Day Weekend 2020

Friday, January 17, Noon-8:00pm

Saturday, January 18, Noon-8:00pm

Sunday, January 19, Noon-8:00pm

Monday, January 20, Noon-5:00pm


Presidents’ Day Weekend 2020

Friday, February 14, Noon-8:00pm

Saturday, February 15, Noon-8:00pm

Sunday, February 16, Noon-8:00pm

Monday, February 17, Noon-5:00pm


Spring Break Hours 2020

Friday Mar. 20, Noon-8pm

Saturday Mar. 21, Noon-8pm

Sunday Mar. 22, Noon-5pm

Monday Mar. 23, Noon-5pm

Tuesday Mar. 24, Noon-8pm

Wednesday Mar. 25, Noon-5pm

Thursday Mar. 26, Noon-5pm

Friday Mar. 27, Noon-8pm

Saturday Mar. 28, Noon-8pm

Sunday Mar. 29, Noon-5pm

Monday Mar. 30, Noon-5pm

Tuesday Mar. 31, Noon-8pm

Wednesday Apr. 1, Noon-5pm

Thursday Apr. 2, Noon-5pm

Friday Apr. 3, Noon-8pm

Saturday Apr. 4, Noon-8pm

Sunday Apr. 5, Noon-5pm

Monday Apr. 6, Noon-5pm

Tuesday Apr. 7, Noon-8pm

Wednesday Apr. 8, Noon-5pm

Thursday Apr. 9, Noon-5pm

Friday Apr. 10, Noon-8pm

Saturday Apr. 11, Noon-8pm

Sunday Apr.12, CLOSED- EASTER

*Pool dates and times subject to change


Fire & Ice Winterfest Hours:

Friday: Open swim will be from Noon-8pm. 

Saturday: Open swim will be from 2:00pm-8:00pm.  Join us for the Fire & Ice Children’s Water Carnival from 11:30am-1:30pm. 

Regular Open Swim and Lap Swim hours for all dates not specifically listed.

Information about Off Season Weekday rates and Wednesday Family Pass

*PLEASE NOTE:  The Indoor Aquatic Center does not have regular Wednesday and weekday Open Swim hours during the off-season.  The Indoor Aquatic Center is only open on select weekdays and Wednesdays October through May.  This includes special weekday holiday and school break dates listed above.  For more information about weekend combination rates or summer Wednesday Family Pass, click HERE.

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