Lava Hot Springs Parks

Lava Hot Springs Foundation Parks

To reserve the following 4 parks call us at 208-776-5221 or 800-423-8597.

lava garden park

Our Garden Park - Reservations available - call 208-776-5221 or 800-423-8597.
This park borders the east side of our Downtown Park. The park is fenced on the northern side and the western side to separate from the highway and the Sunken Gardens. Access via steps from Main Street just east of the entrance to the Sunken Gardens. Parking is available on Main Street and parking lots across the street. 

 East Park Bowery

East Park Bowery - Reservations available - call 208-776-5221 or 800-423-8597.

West Park Bowery

West Park Bowery - Reservations available - call 208-776-5221 or 800-423-8597.
East Park & West Park are located adjacent to the Hot Pools with the Portneuf River on the south side. Access via foot bridge at the end of East 3rd Street or road behind the Community Building/Senior Center. A parking lot divides the East and West Parks. No barrier between park and the Portneuf River.

Majestic Park above our downtown park

Majestic Park Reservations available - call 208-776-5221 or 800-423-8597.
Located half a block from the Hot Pools above our Downtown Park.

 Parks with No Reservation Required

sunken gardens park

Sunken Gardens Park - NO Reservations needed. 
This park is located above and to the east of Hot Pools. Parking along the road or across the street.

 Lava Hot Springs City Parks

Our Downtown Park pavilion

Lava Hot Springs City Downtown Park - No reservations required.
Has portable restrooms, playground, pavilion and picnic area. First come-first served basis. It is located between Main Street and US. Highway 30 at eastern edge of Lava Hot Springs, just across the street from the Hot Pools. 

Our City Park playground and pavilion

Lava Hot Springs City Park - No reservations required.
Located on 5th & Main (five blocks west of Center Street). It contains a large and small pavilion with tables, public restrooms facilities, tennis courts, basketball court, baseball diamond, badminton and volleyball net, horseshoe pits, and playground. Perfect for family reunions. 

 Lava Hot Spring's Lion's Club Park

Lava Hot Springs Lion's Club Park

Lava Hot Spring's Lion's Club Park - Reservations available - call 208-776-5627

Rodeo Grounds with night time lighting and stadium benches.
2 Pavilions, Horse Shoe Pits.

 Map of Lava Hot Springs Parks

Map of Lava Hot Springs Parks

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